Montessori curriculum focuses on five areas
Practical Life-
Children learn how to put on their clothes and shoes, prepare their own drinks, go to the bathroom without help, and clean up after themselves if they spill something.
Sensory awareness education-
Exercises make sure children use all five senses to learn. For example- child studying about plants gathers leaves and feels their texture.
Mathematics and geometry-
Children learn about numbers through hands- on learning using concrete materials, such as golden beads and geometric cabinet to describe shape, position and size.
Language arts-
Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are taught to trace and recognize sand paper letters as a precursor to learning, reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting skills.
Cultural Subjects-
Children learn about their countries (Geography), animals (Zoology), time, history, music, movement, science and art.
The Montessori classroom do not have set benches. Instead, children are given different types of specially designed Montessori apparatus classified into Language materials, Arithmetic materials, Sensorial materials and so on. Children choose materials and activities on their own and learn to share and co-operate among themselves.
The benefits of Montessori Preschool education are
Creates a positive attitude towards learning
Develops self esteem in children
Promotes their decision making abilities
Help them acquire attitude, habits and skills for self learning
Develops sense of independence and self reliance

Transportation facility will be available on request. We also provide Daycare facility and Montessori Teachers Training.

Our main objective is to provide an environment that will enable a child to acquire attitude, habits and skills necessary for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.
We provide activities such as clay modelling, art and craft, music, sports etc. We conduct colour days, fests, sports days, picnics, fruit salad days, sandwich days , environment days, colouring days and so on.

We have two branches in Kerala, one is located at Chevayoor, Near Medical College Calicut, We have our branch second in Areekode, Malapuram